P1Di is a technology provider focused on building the next generation of energy control and automation platform for commercial and residential applications. The company is steered by a team of entrepreneurs that have led the field of smart technological innovation, since 2001. There is a culture of innovation ingrained within P1Di, but not innovation for innovation’s sake; Innovation that works, enhances and improves.

Building on its success as the pioneer in smart meter development since the early 2000’s, P1Di boasts over a decade of smart product development in the US and some of the world’s most challenging environments such as India and Middle East. With a portfolio of several thousand successful individual installations, P1Di is deploying its latest generation of state of the art technology within the United States.

P1Di  develops and sells complete end-to-end Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS) solutions, including smart meters, smart home hubs, and enterprise-class management software. Using industry standard protocols, we tie existing utility distribution management systems with new smart inverters, co-generation, and storage devices. Our solutions have been proven to operate accurately, reliably, and consistently in the field whether installed in the US or under the harsh grid conditions of developing countries.

We offer both on-premises and cloud-based software solutions to ensure high performance and scalability for millions of consumers, whether you need to manage a solar micro-grid or a full city. Based on industry best practices for design and architecture, our applications have been featured by Microsoft as an example of the best in software innovation. We are an associate partner with Microsoft in their CityNext smart city initiative.