MDM Software - Genii

Genii delivers the advanced critical solutions that empower Utility companies to actualize the full power and benefits of Smart Metering:

  • High data availability through redundancy and managing consistent data in one-central repository, instead of separate inconsistently managed systems. This supports top-down data flow, avoiding multiple data servers.
  • Absolute Zero costs through centrally brokered bi-directional communication with remote connect/ disconnect and instantaneous data acquire capabilities.
  • Extreme deployment techniques with features supporting plug-&-play top-down and bottom-up network building capabilities. Genii is capable to pre-build and/or auto-build the network.
  • Genii is tensile enough to assimilate network changes and make adjustments to the new scenario.
  • Deliver the simplest, Fastest, and most cost effective Smart-Meter-To-Cash Solution. Support for simpler, faster and less expensive rollout of advanced metering technologies gained by reducing the number of maintained interfaces between collection and billing systems.
  • Done-Low IT implementation and maintenance costs delivering high degree of interoperability with between legacy and new applications with back bone being SOA. They all share common enterprise bus for communication with back-end database.
  • Reduced manual manipulation of data for your largest, most demanding customers with automation to the max. Enabling security and accountability through consistent auditing and versioning of all data.
  • Event driven customer services offered by processing data and operations in real-time and providing more granular, concise information just-in-time.
  • Improved demand response through Dynamic Pricing programs such as Critical Peak Pricing, Time-of-Use, Peak Time Rebate, and other demand response rate programs. Software is flexible to handle both PREPAID AND POSTPAID consumers.
  • Improved revenue generation through Dynamic Pricing programs such as Critical Peak Pricing, Time-of-Use, Peak Time Rebate and other tariff rate programs. Good analytical tools for quality energy forecasting are done on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


Genii provides interface to acquire file-based data from GPRS, binary data from GSM data call, protocol data from mobile, hand held and PLC devices, SMS-data from tampers, robust synchronous and asynchronous end points for bi-directional communication with AMI devices. Genii acquires, stores, secures and version controls all AMI devices data in a single repository. Data thus acquired in temp db is then submitted for Integration system for the data processing and integration.

Pervasive V E E Engine

Genii has pervasive Validation Editing and Estimation engine for validating every parameter acquired from data collection system. It has comprehensive rules engine to validate each row acquired before submitting it to the enterprise database. It provides interfaces to edit the estimated data in case of fault reading.


Genii houses auto-scalable data acquisition system to support increasing meter installations without major software changes. It has enterprise agility to quickly scale itself to requirement without retooling your IT infrastructure. It also allows you to quickly adapt or insert regulatory change and take advantage of any new technology or business opportunities.

Net-Mag Tool Kit

It’s a proprietary bi-directional communication toolkit, enabling request-response data exchange between deployed AMI devices and central server.

  • Retrieve Instantaneous reads
  • Remotely Connect and Disconnect individual and bulk meters
  • Broad cast, Multi cast and Unicast Messages
  • Manage Planned and Unplanned Outage Management.
  • Audit all changes to data.
  • Supports extensive Configuration Management.
  • Provides interface for VEE engine

Billing engine & Audit Engine

Engine is designed to calculate energy consumption cost for individual meters. It has been augmented with Audit engine to constantly monitor energy flow match with the revenue generated. Audit engine can determine Energy theft, leakage, maximum demand and establish Purchase cost/Unit v/s Gain/Unit

Billing engine does:

  • Flat billing
  • Slab billing
  • Time-Of-Use billing
  • Critical Peak Pricing billing
  • Tariff billing/Seasonal billing
  • etc

Web Self Service

Consumer logins to the WSS portal allow consumers to check their Connection details, Billing information, Consumptions pattern, Consumption history, Pay consumption bill, register a complaint, check status, Update profile and etc.

MIS Reports

Generates hierarchical reports for Financial, Operational and Customer Satisfaction on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly basis. They also provide personalized Audit, Billing and Management reports on scheduled time.