SYNRGEX Solar Solutions

P1Di’s Solar Energy Management Platform is the leading platform of choice for monitoring & controlling the energy production of residential and commercial solar PV systems. The platform consists of P1Di’s revenue grade ANSI certified meters, and enterprise cloud software (SYNRGEX). This utility standards based solution can be deployed quickly and easily, with the system installed and activated in minutes, not hours or days.

P1Di is a pioneer in utility smart metering technology, providing a wide variety of revenue grade metering systems for measuring energy production. Every P1Di meter is revenue grade and certified for accuracy using the stringent ANSI C12.20 metering standards. The system will measure PV inverter energy production with 99.5% accuracy, regardless of inverter or panel type. Depending on the configuration, the system is also capable of monitoring whole house power consumption with the same degree of accuracy.

P1Di offers a variety of backhaul options, including cellular (GPRS, 3G, LTE, CDMA), wired Ethernet, or Wi-Fi, allowing the solar solutions provider the flexibility to choose the best backhaul link that is fast, reliable and secure for any given location.

P1Di’s solution offers “plug and play” installation using utility standard installation techniques. The system can be installed in less than 45 minutes and quickly activated to report production data to the solar provider.


FeatuSYNRGEX Monitoring, Analytics & Control

The Synaptic Energy Exhibitor (SYNRGEX) Analytical Engine is the “brains” behind the platform, which is capable of processing vast amounts of data from a myriad of sources, and make informed decisions dynamically. SYNRGEX can provide detailed monitoring of the PV system, as well as Smart Control of the system. The system can be trained to adapt to various situations, and adjust the system for optimal usage.


SYNRGEX Utility Connect

Besides providing the Solar Solution Provider monitoring and control, P1Di has developed an API (Application Programing Interface) that will allow utilities to connect with the Solar Energy Management Platform, enabling access and control of the system from their Network Operations Center. This will allow them to centrally monitor the production, and disconnect the system remotely when required. When integrated with batteries, the residential or commercial solar PV system to participate in utility demand response programs and distributed generation initiatives.

Battery Ready

The system allows the Solar Solutions Provider to integrate battery or other energy storage systems with the Solar Energy Management platform. The system can dynamically adjust, control and optimize the charging and discharging of these batteries. The system allows for peak load shifting, and interfacing with the utility to participate in demand response programs and distributed power initiatives.


SYNRGEX Smart Home Connect

This feature allows the system to connect with Smart Home appliances within the home for even more energy savings. The system can connect with smart thermostats such as Google NEST and other smart home automation controls such as dimmers, switches and outlet plugs.


SYNRGEX Reliability & Security

The architecture of the system was designed from the ground up to have multiple layers of security and redundancy so that the captured data is replicated at multiple levels. The data is stored both at the meter level (90 Days) as well as on the cloud and can be accessed securely and reliably through our platform or interface. 

Enterprise Cloud Services

Our platform is run on Microsoft Azure Cloud, a cloud computing platform and infrastructure, created by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partner hosted datacenters. These services allow our platform to scale on demand and provide high availability service level agreements.

Enterprise Scalability

Our utility pedigree affords us the insights needed to create the architecture for our platform to be highly scalable and reliable. Many systems often choke when collecting data from a few thousand deployments. Our system has been independently tested and verified to scale beyond 96 million deployments, without any noticeable performance degradation.

Interface, Apps and more

Our platform provides a variety of different interfaces through web services, mobile and tablet apps*. Based on the end user, the interface can provide detailed monitoring and control to the Solar Solutions Provider, Landlord or Property Management Agency, or to the end consumer, providing relevant and pertinent information at each level.