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Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERM)

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Home Energy Router

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The Advanced Metering Systems developed by PowerOneData International provide unsurpassed two-way, secure internet-based access to real-time usage information between data networks and control systems. Opportune access to time-sensitive usage data gives energy providers an edge in an increasingly competitive and rapidly transforming utility environment. The ability to capture, analyze and consistently deliver accurate and timely electric-use consumption data is critical to the future growth of electricity providers everywhere. P1DI’s flagship products provides AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) functionality with Smart Meters and can be fitted onto a new meter or can be retrofitted into a utility’s existing mechanical electric utility meters. P1DI offers a wide range of energy meters (Electricity and Water) allowing Utilities to better manage the electrical network and protect their revenue. Once installed at the utility’s meter, software records load / usage information accurately in real-time as often as every 15 minutes (configurable), and then sends the information to the Utility’s computers as often as required using Public Networks such as fixed, wireless or Private Network such as power line or RF.